Lorna Turner: Multidisciplinary Graphic Design

Identity System

YOLK Industries Chen Partners Scrafano Architects Some Pulp Interactive Media Group Office of Mobile Design Sullivan Design & Development DIG Interiors ARCA

Web Sites

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture Scrafano Architects website Office of Mobile Design website Chu + Gooding Architecture website Joe DeGroot Landscaping website design Ramsell Health Rx LAND Architecture and Design Greenform - Letting Nature Work Website


Prefab Sprout Office of Mobile Design - Jennifer Siegal Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture Marketing Materials Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture Larry's Cocktails London Exhibition Gagosian Grosvenor Photographic Catalogue Chen Partners Marketing Mailer Chu-Gooding Marketing Materials Alpha Gents Holiday Mailer Design Within Reach Take Aways

Other Projects

Greenleaf Chopshop Defining Moments Corbis Movie Jog Limited JUMP Magazine Editorial Layouts FUEL RCA Road Trip Graduate Film Otis - JT Steiny OTIS - Yamandu Virgin Megastore


Dinosaur Series Photographic Prints Deteriorating Typography and Message Diner Photographs Park Closed Photographic Series India Photography Series Chicago Photographic Series Jordan Photography Istanbul Photographs

Fine Art Prints

Six Months Six Locations Fine Art Screen Prints Blue Red Black Letterpress Prints Travel Quotes from the film Road Trip Vintage Signage Silkscreen Prints Family Series